Thursday, February 7, 2013

Five SAQA Artists Open at Architectural Center

A year of planning and studio work culminated on February 1st in the opening of "What Comes Next? -- Fiber Artists Working in Series" at the Architectural Heritage Center, 701 SE Grand, Portland.  Five Oregon SAQA members created five new works each for the exhibit, which will run through February 26th.  They are Diane Born, Quinn Zander Corum, Georgia French, Elaine Millar and Hilde Morin.  On March 1st, a new exhibit will debut:  "What Comes Next?  A Different Look," and it will run through March 31st.  The five SAQA members conceived of the exhibit and took their proposal to the AHC, which accepted it as their first fiber exhibit.  The center has been having monthly art exhibits for four years.  Hours are 10-4:30, Wednesday - Saturday; admission $3.

Updates from Central Oregon SAQA Parlor Group

The Central Oregon Parlor Group met on Feb. 1 at Atelier 6000 in Bend which is a printing studio/gallery/workshop. Judy Hoiness, artist/educator talked with us about composition focusing on balance.....balance of line, shape, value, color, texture, was a wonderful meeting and her experience as an educator at Central Oregon Community College really came through. She then critiqued several of our pieces and we learned about new ways to look at our work.

Then two of our members Donna Rice and Barbara Bogges shared the calligraphy printing technique and talked about coming to A6000 in groups to print. There was a lot of interest in pursuing this. On March 15 we will have a work day at the Stitchin’ Post in Sisters and bring a potluck dish. We would like to have pieces mocked up and work on critiquing practicing what Judy laid out for us.

We are in the process of gathering up quilts to be shown at Expo this fall “A Central Oregon showing of SAQA quilt member quilts”.
Jean Wells
The Stitchin' Post
311 W. Cascade/PO Box 280
Sisters, OR 97759

Saturday, February 2, 2013

State of Diversity II opens at Grapevine Gallery, Oregon City

 A small but appreciative crowd joined SAQA members for the opening of State of Diversity II at the Grapevine Gallery in Singer Hill Cafe, Oregon City.  The show runs through February 27, 2013.  Stop by!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Jeannette DeNicolis Meyer Reports Local Corporate Commission and Upcoming Exhibit

Boones Landing Dental Center purchased four quilts for its new office in Wilsonville from Jeannette DeNicolis Meyer. They are on view throughout the suite, from the reception area to the dental bays.

Essential Maps 6
Jeannette DeNicolis Meyer
Photo by Bill Bachhuber

More of her work will be on view at the Latimer Quilt and Textile Center from March 5 to May 4. The opening reception for Jeannette DeNicolis Meyer's exhibit, If This, Then That,  is scheduled for March 10, 2013. Meyer's career has been fed by two creative streams: her studio work and her teaching, and this retrospective exhibit explores the If This, Then That decision-making process that structures her studio and classroom lives. Concept to image, image to design decisions, design decisions to choices of materials and material choices to construction decisions, each IF leads eventually to a THAT. This seemingly linear process branches into webs of possibilities as each If yields multiple choices of That; each That births a number of brand new Ifs. By inviting the viewer to share her design process --with sketches of works in progress, the dyed fabric essential to the work she makes, and finally, finished quilts from a number of her ongoing series—this exhibit aims to create both a classroom and an art gallery.

Essential Maps 6, detail
Jeannette DeNicolis Meyer
Photo by Bill Bachhuber