Meet Our SAQA Oregon Members

Click on the names below to meet our SAQA Oregon members.

Bonnie Bucknam
Sherri Culver
Tina Daily
Lynne Goulette
Jill Hoddick
Kristin La Flamme
Paulette Landers 
Annette McFarlane
Marjorie Post
Rose Rushbrooke
Marion Shimoda
Sidnee Snell

Please introduce yourself to your fellow SAQA Oregon members.  We are almost 200 strong, and we have a wonderful wealth of talent and diversity here.  Please answer the following eight questions, and "illustrate" your profile with up to four photos and a headshot, no more than 2 MG each in file size.  Make a note in your answers where the photos are to be inserted, wherever you think they fit, depending upon what you choose to show.  Perhaps a picture of your studio?  Perhaps your four latest works?  It is up to you, but please include a headshot.

Send your text and photos to Bonnie Bucknam at  Bonnie will post your profile here on our blog.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Please send your profile information IN THE BODY OF AN EMAIL.  Cut and paste the questions and fill in your answers after each question, inserting notes where you wish photos to appear.  Send your photos as attachments to the email. Please do not send a separate word document or similar file with the answers to your questions.  Your writing should be in the body of your email.  Finally, be sure to tell us your name, where you live, and about how long you've been a SAQA member.  Also include the links to your website and/or blog.

If you have any questions, contact Georgia French or Bonnie Bucknam.

Profile Questions:

1.  How would you describe the work that you make? Do you have an elevator speech? Have you found your "artistic voice"?

2.  What brought you to making fiber art? What is your art, sewing, or fiber background? When did you make your first quilt that you considered "art"?

3.  Describe the steps involved in your art-making process.

4.  What is your one favorite or most common source of inspiration?

5.  Do you enter your work in shows? What would you say have been your top three exhibits?

6.  Describe your studio space.

7.  How much time do you spend on your art? How do you balance your life between art, family, friends, day job, etc.?

8.  Do you work in other mediums or use unusual materials in your work?

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