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SAQA OREGON: Things to know September 2017

We are so happy to have you in SAQA!  SAQA is a major resource for art quilters around the world and the SAQA website can keep you exploring for hours/days, learning about all the programs available to you.

SAQA Oregon is a very active region and we have outlined below some of the things we think you might like to know about it.  If we have missed something important, or (horrors!) made a mistake, please contact one of us directly. The Oregon region has 200 members and four local groups (Pods) that meet regularly in different parts of Oregon. Each of the Pods appoints a member to serve on the Region Steering Committee along with the two Regional Representatives.  Steering committee meetings are conducted using the ZOOM software provided by SAQA and are designed to make sure members throughout the region are informed and feel an integral part of the activities.

Oregon has four Pods, local groups that meet in Ashland, Sisters, Portland and Eugene. All SAQA members are invited to attend any of the SAQA Oregon Pod meetings.  Following is general information about Pod meetings and how meeting information is communicated.  Please contact the people listed for specific meeting information.

Southern Oregon SAQA Pod (Southern Oregon area)  
The Pod meets at Sew Creative in Ashland on the third Monday of each month. Meeting information is posted to the SAQA Oregon blog and is sent to the Ashland SAQA Pod email list. For more information, contact Grace Ladygo (

Central Oregon SAQA Pod (Bend/Sisters area)
The Pod meets at The Stitchin’ Post in Sisters on the third Thursday of the month with no meetings in July and December. Meeting information is posted to the SAQA Oregon blog and SAQA Oregon Facebook Group and is sent to the Central Oregon SAQA Pod email list. For more information contact Kristan Collins,

Portland SAQA Pod (Portland metro/Vancouver area)   
The Pod meets at various locations in the Portland area on the third Wednesday of each month. Meeting information is posted to the SAQA Oregon blog, Portland SAQA Yahoo Group and SAQA Oregon Facebook Group. For more information contact Suzy Bates, .

Valley-South SAQA Pod (From Salem to Roseburg to the Coast and surrounding area)  
The Pod meets at the Eugene Textile Center in Eugene on the third Friday of each month. Meeting information is posted to the SAQA Oregon blog, the ValleySouth SAQA Oregon Facebook Group and the SAQA Oregon Facebook Group. For more information, contact Jana Cunningham, or Lynda Christiansen,

We have a Regional Exhibit Committee, including representatives from each Pod, that manages the Oregon Regional SAQA exhibits. Our current regional exhibit, “Bridge,” opens in September 2017 and will show throughout the region until August 2019. 

Our third regional conference will be held on Thursday, October 18, 2018, in Eugene, OR.  The keynote speaker will be Pat Pauly from Rochester, NY.  She also will conduct a one day workshop on the following day.  The Regional Conference Committee includes representatives from each Pod. 
Volunteers throughout the Oregon
Region are welcome to contact Daisy Shrock ( or Katie Walwyn ( to volunteer with the 2018 Regional Conference.

COMMUNICATION:  Regional and Global
Each of these opportunities offers interesting conversations about challenges we all face, answers to specific questions, and an opportunity to get to know some of the active voices in art quilting.

The SAQA Oregon Blog,, is where public SAQA Oregon Regional information is posted.  It is the place to go for up-to-date information on SAQA Oregon Pod meetings, Regional Exhibits and Regional Conferences.  Resources, calls for entry and other regional news are also listed.  The blog also provides links to SAQA Oregon Member websites and blogs.  To submit news for the blog, please follow the instructions on the bottom right corner of any blog page.  If you would like to receive Blog posts by email, sign up to “Follow By Email” from any page on the blog.

The SAQA Oregon Facebook Group is a closed group, so your posts will only be visible to members.  Information that may be of interest to SAQA Oregon members is posted to the group.  Any member can join the group by going to the Facebook group and requesting to join. Membership is approved within a day. We have found this group to be a very fluid method of communicating as a region.  You can keep up to date and get to know other SAQA members and enjoy their work.

 • SAQA-Members Only Facebook Group for all members of SAQA Global. This is a closed group, and any member can join by going to the Facebook group and requesting to join. •We encourage you to join the SAQA Global Yahoo group as well.  This is a good way to learn, get answers to questions you may have and meet some interesting members throughout the world.  It is a closed group, so you need to request membership by sending an email to:  It is
open to all SAQA members.  We suggest you subscribe to in it the Digest Format, so you will receive several related items in a single email, rather than individual emails as they are received (Yikes!)

The SAQA Oregon Newsletter is distributed through SAQA regional email.  It summarizes what is happening in SAQA Oregon, presents opportunities for participation and provides links to more information. •SAQA Regional Email is sent from SAQA to all members who list Oregon as their primary or secondary region.  Individual emails are sent for specific purposes when timely or specific notification is important.

SAQA is a vital organization because SAQA members volunteer generously and make it so!  The rewards of volunteering will be new friends, networking, exhibit opportunities, new ideas and on and on.  As you volunteer, so shall ye reap the rewards.  (I know it is corny, but true!)

We hope this letter makes you feel welcome and inspires you to explore the world of SAQA.  SAQA has over 3,400 members, about 20% of them International. As a professional organization, SAQA provides opportunities, education, resources, support and some of the most generous and welcoming friendships.  Whether you live near one of the existing Pods or in the most remote area of Oregon, SAQA is just a visit to the website, email, text or phone call away. You will be warmly welcomed!

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