Saturday, September 25, 2010

Update from Shirley MacGregor

Here is an update on Shirley MacGregor's activities and exhibitions:

Time is flying and I am getting ready to travel to Argentina where I will be teaching classes. This has been a very busy summer, so I thought I would let you know what has been going on in my art quilt world.

The INTERNATIONAL WOMENS ARTISTS EXHIBITION USA - AUGUST 2010 at the Littman Gallery – Portland State University – Portland OR, was the biggest event for me. I have said things before about OWCA before but thought I would mention it again.

Here is a little history. "HER PRESENCE IN COLOURS" exhibitions were founded and directed by the guiding vision of Dr. Yuen Chee Ling of Malaysia. Dr. Ling believes that, “The artworks of these exhibitions reflect a cohesive spirit of the women artists and their visions for peace and harmony which will surely contribute towards building a better tomorrow for our future generations.” This exhibition marks the 17th anniversary of HER PRESENCE IN COLOURS, a series that began in 1993 in Beijing. At that time, seven women artist participated. This year, 90 women artists from 24 countries participated in the 9th exhibition. Previous shows were staged in Thailand, England, Canada, Australia, South Korea, and China. This was the first in the USA. There were 93 women artists of various nationalities who presented their works together at the Littman. Among the 93, 69 were from countries foreign. The theme was, "Reflection on Oneself: Self-portrait" The art works were either literal self-portraits, or one reflecting the individual's feelings and ideas.

Three other highlights of the summer were presentations of my work at four Portland-area venues:
The Poster Garden "1st Thursday in the Pearl," a monthly art event in Portland's Pearl District where. I had one large wall for my creations.

Six Street Gallery "Fiber Arts Festival" in Vancouver, WA (just across the river) where three of my pieces were juried into this show.
The Albina Bank Exhibition, also in Portland's Pearl District, and held in conjunction with OWCA show, where two of my pieces were juried in.

The Geezer Gallery show Portland, with three pieces juried in.

Shirley MacGregor

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