Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oregon: State of Diversity Finishes Successful Run at Heritage Station Museum in Pendleton

SAQA member and volunteer Nancy Kibbey was kind enough to deliver and pick up our exhibit in Pendleton, where it had a highly successful run at the Heritage Station Museum. Nancy gave a presentation about art quilts on the last day of the run. After she returned home, she sent us the following information, which she has agreed we might share with you all.

Quilt by Catherine Beard

"I was impressed by the efficiency of the staff and volunteers who took the show down. Several people matched quilt bags to the hanging pieces so the bag and the quilt went together to the tables where others were rolling them up and "packaging" them. I heard remarks from the volunteers about how helpful the pictures on the outside of the bags were. Usually when I'm involved with the take-down of a show, the volunteers are quilters, but that wasn't the case here, and I could see the process through new eyes. I have a couple of suggestions that will make our shows in the future more "professional:"

Bags of one color - white or off-white muslin. No prints, and NO plastic bags; see-through or opaque. A plastic zip-lock bag can be sewn to the outside of the bag (not where it will be scrunched when the bag is cinched shut) with a picture of the quilt on it.

Bags should match the size of the rolled up quilt, completely covering its full length. Not too wide; not too tight --- just right!

Velcro or ties to secure the top of the bag, but NO long dangling ties or long dangling tags.

The name of the quilter PROMINENTLY displayed on the bag, where it will not be obscured when the bag is cinched shut. The name of the quilt PROMINENTLY displayed on the hanging rod, the roll (pool noodles are good), on any "extra" parts that accompany the quilt. If you tie the quilt inside the bag, mark the ties, too. (Better yet; make a bag that fits properly, and you don't have to tie the quilt.)"

Laura and I want to thank Nancy for taking the time to write this up. We would like to add that your quilt bag is probably not the best place for you to express your creativity. Please keep in mind the purpose of the bag and those volunteers (quilters or not) who put in the time putting up and taking down our exhibits. I have used prints for bags; Nancy pointed out to me that it makes it that much harder to see the photo. I have learned from this; thanks, Nancy. We WELCOME your comments.......

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