Sunday, July 22, 2012

Karen Miller - Two Exhibitions at the Corvallis Arts Center

Karen Miller has two shows at the Corvallis Arts Center to report.

The first is open now through the end of August. It is called "The Art of Plankton" The work is all inspired by the photographs taken by an OSU oceanography professor and includes paintings, prints, glass, quilts, ceramics, sculpture and installations. My piece is an installation of silk organza panels depicting diatoms which hang and float in the center of the room.

The second show, which will hang October 2 to Nov 3 in the CAC Corinne Woodman Gallery will include a series of small quilts using the stencil dyed indigo fabrics I have made from the summer snow patterns of the peaks of the entire Cascade Range, from Mt Baker south to Mt Shasta. It is my response to global warming and the potential loss of these familiar mountain views of glaciers and snowfields.

Karen is also teaching a katazome class at the Sitka Center in late September. There is a link on Karen's website.

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