Sunday, August 19, 2012

Trisha Hassler Solo Show at Waterstone Gallery in Portland, September 2012

What an unforgettable year!  I began work on the pieces for this show, Signals in the Static, in Sept of 2011 and the evolution... my evolution... is something I am very proud of.  The imagery in this show is physical, cellular and universal.  There are suggestions of messages and meaning, but they are not crisp or easily read, more as if seen through a mist ... "Signals in the Static". By working subtly and with respect for the patience it encourages, I discovered a more intimate, introspective voice to my work. I feel it reflects who I am now. 
"Leave No Stone Unturned" Detail

All textiles have been hand dyed using a favorite shibori technique of mine but in a different pallette than I have worked with before. By incorporating a structure of steel within each piece there is skeletal support for each message. It makes perfect sense considering my personal journey this year as well.

"And It Seemed So Well Hidden"

I will also be exhibiting "The Calendar Project". (See the sidebar at the left) This installation piece is made up of 52 individual 10-inch hand-stitched and quilted original works completed over the last year. After my diagnosis with Parkinson's early this year, my personal focus shifted and I found a new way forward. I wanted to work with my body and discover what my new parameters are. How does it affect decisions? Does it affect output? How could I take the upper hand and not allow the limitations to dictate the end result? What do I have to say about strength and determination? This exhibit is the result of that exploration. This one time installation will be the complete selection of 52 works, one for each week of the year. For each piece sold, a donation will be made to Parkinson's Resources of Oregon.

Four pieces from the Calendar Project:

To view all the pieces in this solo show, please visit

I am excited to share this new work with you! I'll be at the gallery a lot in September, so let me know if you are coming!
Trisha Hassler

Signals In The Static
New work in Textiles and Steel by Trisha Hassler
September 5 - 30, 2012
Preview Opening Sept 5, 5-8 pm

First Thursday Sept 6, 6-9 pm
Artist Talk Sept 16, 11 am
Waterstone Gallery
424 NW 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97209
Wed - Sat 12 - 6pm, Sun 12 - 4 pm

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