Sunday, March 10, 2013

Notes from the February Portland Parlor Meeting

Portland SAQA Parlor Meeting
Our February meeting for our Portland SAQA was held at Elizabeth Bamberger’s home. Twenty members attended the meeting. Our topic for the meeting was “Sewing machines, Needles and Threads.” Elizabeth had questions she had received from members, giving us a place to begin our discussion. Before the questions were presented, Jan Duke shared history about the sewing machine’s simple beginning to our present-day modern digital machines. Jan Story’s handout with illustrations and information about needles gave us valuable information on needle selection. Because of the broadness of our topic, we have decided to continue to explore it further in our March meeting. Jan Story has volunteered to share with the group more information on the different types of thread, needles and stabilizers. Jan teaches beginning free-motion classes and will share more information on free-motion and machines, if time permits. If you have any specific questions that you would like answered in our next meeting on the topic, please email Jan (
Our next meeting will be at Gerrie Congdon’s on March 20th, 10-12 am. If anyone wants to contribute a snack for the meeting, please let Gerrie know. There will no longer be meetings after the Columbia FiberArts Guild meetings. We will continue to have Portland Parlor monthly meetings on the third Wednesday of each month.
As we approach our next meeting, please keep thinking about topics you would like to explore at our monthly meetings. Critique and sharing of our individual work is always encouraged. If you want to have a critique, let Gerrie ( know as we limit how many critiques we can do at each meeting. Sharing projects is not limited.
Many thanks to all who attended our last meeting and all the information shared. Let’s continue to share websites you find enjoyable and informational. Thank you Elizabeth for hosting our last meeting.
Betty Daggett

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