Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Trisha Hassler Offers Studio Classes

Hope this finds you all well, excited about the year ahead and ready to try something new in the way you work with fiber.  I will be offering several classes this spring as outlined below and hope to cross paths with you all soon:

The Hand Stitching Class is always a favorite of mine, I have attached the class handout for a brief summary of what to expect over the 2 days.  Please let me know if you have any special requests or questions about this class.  I have been working on a thread blending technique that would be fun to share as well.

Several of you also requested my class on Creative Attachment Techniques for adding additional found object or hand made elements to your work.  Here is a handout for that class.  This class covers several different techniques you can use with many different materials, not just fabric.  You are invited to bring something you are already working on to move it forward. Also great to know about special requests.

Each class will be held at my home studio in NW Portland.  There is space for 5 students in each 2 day session.  Because of the intimate group, I will address personal areas of interest and have lots of time with each person, so bring something you are working on, have questions about or want to try for the first time.  The cost per student per day is $125.  Bring your own lunch, or get lunch from close by Whole Foods , Cha Cha Cha, or other.  Street parking or mass transit available.

The dates below are for 2 day classes.

Feb 22 & 23
Mar 8 & 9
Mar 17 & 18
(or 19)
Mar 28, 29 30 (2 of these days)
April 19 & 20Trisha

Expressive Stitching
When you work in a way that invites an observer in for a closer look, it requires a slower pace... both for the maker and for the viewer. The intimacy that results is very rewarding for both.  You will experiment with time honored hand stitching techniques that will enhance your work. We will explore length, thickness, density, contrast and color by making samples used to construct a small reference book. We will also work as a group on several small collaborative pieces to create a unique
example of hand work.

Wish I May
Trisha Hassler
©Trisha Hassler 2013

Exploring Creative Attachment Techniques
Would you like to add an unexpected element to your art quilt? Perhaps some found object that helps tell your story with a little more imagination. Something curious that’s not expected in the world of quilts.Bring your challenging found objects to class and we’ll explore various techniques to attach these elements to your fiber art works so they enhance your piece and intrigue your viewers. You will work with various tools and elements ending up with samples to showcase your favorite techniques for reference.

Trisha Hassler

©Trisha Hassler 2013

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