Thursday, July 31, 2014

SAQA Oregon Local Update on Planning for Fiberlandi​a

Hallo again, SAQA Oregon members,

Here is an update on planning and recruiting volunteers from the Local Organizing Committee on the 2015 SAQA National Conference "Fiberlandia".

"Chris Brown and Diane Born, local committee heads, are very pleased to announce that Sherrie Culver has agreed to lead the hospitality committee for Fiberlandia 2015. This is a new concept at SAQA conferences, with hopes of involving local members (and please remember we will soon be drawing on SAQA members from all parts of Oregon and SW Washington for other committees as planning for the conference moves forward.)

The local Portland-area volunteers for the hospitality committee are: Trisha Hasssler, Terry Grant, Pam Pilcher, Sara Miller, Maris Cavanaugh, Mary Ann McCammon, Gerrie Congdon, Hilde Morin, Sherrie Moomey, Karen Spencer, Kimberly Connelly, Nancy Dasenbrock, Jill Hoddick and Elizabeth Bamberger.

We also have the need of some local volunteers for the Gallery Venue committee, to help identify galleries where we might hold fiber art exhibits at the time of the 2015 conference. If you would like to help with this, please contact Diane Born:, or Chris Brown:

Deb Cashatt, head of the national Special Events Committee, has asked SAQA Oregon members for a paragraph detailing their "favorite thing to do in Portland". Some may be placed on-line, to educate SAQA members not familiar with Portland. We know the wonders and beauty of Portland and Oregon - let's get the word out!

Diane and Chris were part of a 1.5 hour phone conference with eight other SAQA members, discussing 33 breakout presentations for Fiberlandia and something exciting for this conference - workshops. It was hard work to whittle the breakout presentations down to 4. Eleven workshop concepts were submitted. You will know the names of these artists and be as excited as we are when this all comes together! Deb Cashatt and Betty Daggett continue to work on speakers for Fiberlandia. Once all are under contract, Oregon will be the first to know!

We'll continue to send updates as the planning work for "Fiberlandia" progresses. As always, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions about any SAQA Oregon matters, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me - Elizabeth Bamberger:, or my fellow co-rep, Leotie Richards: You are all SAQA Oregon and we need your feedback so we can do a good job for you.

Enjoy the rest of this summer that seems to be passing by all too quickly.


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