Monday, August 4, 2014

Volunteers Needed for Portlandia

From Sherri Culver:

SAQA is coming to Portland April 30-May 3, 2015! Oregon SAQA members will take on the challenge of selling Portland to the entire SAQA membership and also for making the Annual SAQA Conference experience unique to Portland. It is time to begin gathering together and organizing to get the job done. I have accepted the job as Chair of Hospitality and here is how I'd like to start.

We need all types of volunteers and each of you should fit perfectly into one or more jobs. I have established an email account for the committee and all correspondence should be sent to:

Choose what works for you, and send me an email.

Planning Committee (will meet only 1-3 times, beginning the first week of October)

Task Committees (will take on specific jobs that will be determined by the Planning Committee with input from all of you)

Convention Workers (will work during the convention)

Everyone, send ideas! Tell us about great things to do in your part of Oregon, as well as Portland. We can promote extended visits with our publicity about the Convention. And we can share our favorite restaurants, galleries, transportation tips, etc.

Share your specific talents, so we can use them throughout the process.

Be apart of this amazing opportunity to showcase the state/city we love and share it with our quilting friends.


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