Friday, October 31, 2014

News from the Portland Group

In July, over 20 Portland members, joined by some of our friends from Central Oregon and Valley South, staffed the SAQA booth at the new Quilt!Knit!Stitch! show in Portland. We signed up 21 new members for SAQA (yay!), SAQA members from several States led walk-throughs of the SAQA exhibits on display - Metaphors on Aging and Text Messages. Thanks to SAQA National for the excellent "thank you" chocolate bars! Portland members also met at the home of member Terry Grant for a relaxed picnic in her garden and a tour of the studio; thank you, Terry!
In September we launched our three-session Critiques Practice. Bonnie Bucknam gave us a review of Jane Dunnewold's critique guidelines, and members brought in some wonderful art quilts for critique. Each artist specified what they would like to learn from the critique, and we focused our comments accordingly. We continued this program in October, and November will be the final session, as we enjoy and critique the 50 small quilts from the SAQA Trunk Show H. In December we will celebrate with a Holiday party, details TBD.
We continue to welcome visitors and new members to our group meetings, and to enjoy lunch and social time at a local restaurant following our meetings. Many of our members are working hard on local arrangements for next year's "Fiberlandia": national conference (with Diane Born and Christina Brown coordinating our efforts with those of SAQA National). From time to time we send out State-wide calls for volunteers; we need everybody's help, particularly as we get closer to the time of the conference, so please get in touch and do your part.
For more information on what we're up to in Portland, contact Elizabeth Bamberger:

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