Sunday, April 26, 2015

News from Central Oregon SAQA

Many of us are headed for the Fiberlandia conference in Portland this week, including your upcoming NEW reps Jan Tetzlaff and Marion Shimoda. Thanks to Jan and Marion for graciously volunteering to lead the group. I think they will have fun with this if we all agree to help out where ever we can. Jan and Marion will start taking over the meetings in August of this year.

There will not be a meeting in May. The next meeting will take place June 18th, Thursday, 2-4pm at The Stitchin' Post. Tonye Phillips will show a selection of her work and talk about her fabrication and creative process. We’ll also hold the reveal for our Blending Poetry & Cloth quilts.

I am very near completion on my Blending Poetry and Cloth quilt. I hope many of you are also getting ready to submit your quilt photos at the SAQA website June 1st through the 30th.

Looking forward to seeing you in June!
Leotie Richards
Co-Rep SAQA Oregon

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