Thursday, January 7, 2016

Meet Annette McFarlane, Portland Pod Leader

Annette McFarlane of SW Portland
Portland Pod leader
SAQA member since 2012

1.  How would you describe the work that you make? Do you have an elevator speech? Have you found your "artistic voice”?

I’m trying to make art that reflects the beauty that surrounds me.  My "artistic voice” keeps evolving, becoming more abstract.

2.  What brought you to making fiber art? What is your art, sewing, or fiber background? When did you make your first quilt that you considered "art”?

I have been sewing since I was a young girl, inspired by my mother and grandmother.  One of my first jobs was making clothing for fabric store mannequins, which gave me a chance to use a vast assortment of different fabrics.  I started with traditional quilting in the late 80’s and eventually moved into art quilts about 4 years ago.

3.  Describe the steps involved in your art-making process.

I usually begin with a photograph, then start doing some sketching. Auditioning fabrics is when my vision begins more clear.

4.  What is your one favorite or most common source of inspiration?

The beautiful world of nature.  Living here in Oregon, allows me to have many exposures to a variety gorgeous landscapes.

5.  Do you enter your work in shows? What would you say have been your top three exhibits?
High Fiber Diet-  What’s Blue to You, Icy Blue Passages,  MIX - A Sense of Place , SAQA - Blending Poetry and Cloth,  Ebb Tide
insert Icy Blue Passages,  A sense of Place, Ebb Tide
Icy Blue Passages

A Sense of Place

Ebb Tide

6.  Describe your studio space.
I have a large room downstairs, that functions as both my studio and exercise room.  

7.  How much time do you spend on your art?  How do you balance your life between art, family, friends, day job, etc?

Retiring this year gives me a lot more time to devote to my art.  When I’m inspired, I work several hours a day into the night, especially if there’s a deadline. But there’s also time when I’m brain dead and just sit down there staring at the TV!

8.  Do you work in other mediums or use unusual materials in your work?

I’ve been working with Tyvek paper, which when heated with an iron, it wrinkles and distorts, producing great texture.  I then apply several layers of paint to give it some depth.  I find it just something fun to explore

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  1. I love the piece "A Sense of Place"! Wonderful composition!