Friday, September 2, 2016

Meet Sidnee Snell

Sidnee Snell of Portland, Oregon

Profile Questions:

1.  How would you describe the work that you make? Do you have an elevator speech? Have you found your "artistic voice"?

I use fabric and stitch to create an impressionistic image of subject matter that interests me.
I consider my work to be representational, although it sometimes appears abstract. I enjoy odd angles, the effects of light and shadow, and close-up views.

Red Laces
Sidnee Snell 2012

2.  What brought you to making fiber art? What is your art, sewing, or fiber background? When did you make your first quilt that you considered "art"?

I have been working with fiber and fabric since girlhood, including a stint as a custom dressmaker in high school. I made my first 'art' quilt in the late-nineties. My early art quilts were geometrical and abstract in design. They were heavily influenced by traditional quilts and my studies with Nancy Crow and other prominent art quilters. 
Tools of the Trade
Sidnee Snell 2001

3.  Describe the steps involved in your art-making process.

Each of my pieces begins with a digital image, usually one of my own snapshots. Using the computer, I eliminate much of the detail, creating an impression of the subject rather than a photorealistic re-creation. The pieces are constructed using a machine appliqué technique and machine quilting.
PDX Phase 2 - detail
Sidnee Snell 2010

4.  What is your one favorite or most common source of inspiration?

It all starts with an observation. My art-making is part of an ongoing, internal conversation where I attempt to answer the questions “What am I seeing? Why do I keep looking?” An everyday, often overlooked, object or view captures my attention and begs for further exploration. I am generally attracted to imagery that includes a man made component.
Sidnee Snell 2015

5.  Do you enter your work in shows? What would you say have been your top three exhibits?

I apply to shows and/or galleries occasionally. My favorite three were:

Guardino Gallery 2014
Quilt National 2013
Quilted Surface' at the Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus OH 2002
Sidnee Snell 2012

6.  Describe your studio space.

My studio space is in the basement of my home. I had the basement finished specifically as studio space and it truly meets my needs. It's well lit, well organized and I love it. I also use the garage and back yard part time when I have too many things in progress to contain them in the studio.
Sidnee in her studio

7.  How much time do you spend on your art? How do you balance your life between art, family, friends, day job, etc.?

It's hard to say. Art and life are so intertwined. I try to spend time daily in the 'making' process whether it's making art or making craft or making food (especially dessert!).

8.  Do you work in other mediums or use unusual materials in your work?

I knit, spin, bake and I'm learning to sketch and paint. Other than the computer, I tend to prefer traditional materials in all my making.

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