Friday, June 23, 2017

SAQA Regional BRIDGE Exhibit

Thank you to all the artists who created art work for Oregon's SAQA
Regional exhibit “Bridge”.  The theme was broad, resulting in many
creative interpretations.  We are excited to bring this exhibit to the

Congratulations to the artists whose work was chosen for the "Bridge"
exhibit.  Our juror, Jane Dunnewold, carefully reviewed the 51 entries
and selected 30 for the exhibit.

The selected artworks are:

"The Whole World is a Bridge" by Karen L Bates
"My Bridge to Tranquility" by Suzy Bates
"All Kapakahi" by Judith A Beaver
"Coastal Arches" by Judith A Beaver
"Reflections: View from the Bridge" by Nancy Bryant

"Golden Bridges" by Sharon Carvalho
"Bridge: Traversing a long marriage" by Sherri Culver
"Bridge to Progress?" by Anne Daughtry
"Linking Europe to Asia" by Anne Daughtry
"Waterfall" by Diane English

"Dimensional Drift" by Judith Quinn Garnett
"Bridge the Gap" by Mary H Goodson
"Suspense II" by Janet Hiller
"Canyonlands" by Laura Jaszkowski
"Deception Pass: Where Are We Headed?" by Laura Jaszkowski

"East Coast/West Coast & Everywhere In Between" by Sheryl LeBlanc
"Broadway Bridge Anew" by Shirley MacGregor
"A Zipper is a Bridge" by Annette S McFarlane
"Gothic Bridge" by Ginny McVickar
"Fantasy Bridge" by Sherrie Moomey

"HOMAGE for a Bridge" by Sherrie Moomey
"Bridging the Gap" by Judy Peterson
"Life - Bridge between Eternity Past and Eternity Future" by Judy Peterson
"Praying for Rain 1" by Deborah Runnels
"The Great Emotional Divide" by Mary c Ruzich

"Seeking Perfect Harmony" by Deborah Sorem
"Water Under the Bridge" by Karen Sunday Spencer
"Connections" by Jan Tetzlaff
"A Different Gear" by Carolyn J Walwyn
"International Space Station" by Naomi Weidner

SAQA Oregon Exhibit Committee
Sherrie Moomey
Deb Sorem
Donna Rice

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