Monday, March 31, 2014

News from the Portland Parlor Group

At our March 19th meeting, we divided into small groups to work in depth on our Artist Statements. This was our third session working on Statements, and it’s been a useful exercise – one we will probably revisit at intervals, since it has become clear that this is a tool we need to think about and update regularly.

We also discussed the challenging question of how best to communicate, both within our group and with the other parlor groups and all SAQA members throughout Oregon. Email? Yahoo? Facebook? Blogspot? What is the best way to provide information on upcoming meetings and other events? Keep our files? Share news and inspiration with each other? Not easy to streamline all this, but we are working on it!
Our April meeting will be held on Wednesday April 16th from 10am to midday, at the Beaverton Public Library: 12375 SW 5th St, Beaverton, OR 97005 (between SW Hall Blvd and SW Tucker Ave). Please join us. If you are not a member of our group but happen to be in the area, or are thinking of joining the group, you are very welcome to come to this meeting, or to any future meetings.

Terry Grant, Sherri Culver and Sidnee Snell will share information on the social media we will be using in future to communicate within the Portland group and within SAQA Oregon, and will show us how to use the various sites. There will be plenty of time for questions! This will also be the first of three meetings where each of us will have a chance to talk about our journeys as artists, reflecting on how our art has changed and developed over time, where we have found inspiration, where we are today, and where we hope to go in the future. We’ll bring an early piece of our art, and a recent piece.

At our April meeting, the following members will tell us about their artistic journeys (you will have about five minutes each): Para Winingham, Pam Pilcher, Mary Arnold, Sherri Culver, Gerrie Congdon, Jill Hoddick, Bonnie Bucknam, Marie Murphy Wolfe, and Elizabeth Bamberger.

As always, everyone, don’t forget to bring your show and tell, brags and news of upcoming events and exhibits, and email me:, if you would like anything added to the agenda.

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