Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 18 Portland Parlor Group Recap

Displaying SAQA BeavLib 041614-01.JPGDisplaying SAQA BeavLib 041614-02.JPG

At the April meeting of the Portland SAQA group we launched our program of members' Artistic Journeys, which turned out to be very enjoyable and interesting. Eight members showed an early and a recent piece of their art, and talked about their journeys as artists. It was fascinating to see how different those journeys were for each artist, and impressive to see how individual "artistic voices" had developed and technical skills been mastered, along the way.

We also continued our discussion of the most appropriate social media for our communications within our group and with other Oregon SAQA members. For the present, we will continue to use Yahoo to store files and to send out announcements to members. Announcements will also be posted on the SAQA Oregon Blogspot. The SAQA Oregon Facebook group will be used for informal communications, including individual announcements and news, between those members who have signed up for this group.

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