Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Next Valley-South Parlor Group Meeting April 25 in Eugene

Valley-South SAQA will meet Friday, April 25th.  We will meet at 2pm at the Eugene Textile Center to enjoy our VSAQ exhibit there:  "Moving Forward:  Little Gems of Quilted Art."
Thanks to Diane English, Sheryl LeBlanc, and Deb Sorem for making this happen.

The agenda for our meeting:
--  Update on Quilt County.....still lots of time, but let's not lose track of it.....Vera Rogers, Paulette Landers, Naomi Weidner, Lynda Christiansen and Mandy Miller in charge.
--  Our new Facebook Group.....and the new SAQA Oregon Facebook Group.
--  Studio tours?
--  Play dates?
--  Quilt, Knit, Stitch in August in Portland
--  Exhibit opportunities at Oregon Bay Properties Community Gallery, Pacific Park Gallery (Sharon Leahy)
--  SHOW AND TELL:  Please consider bringing something you want some very specific input on......and be ready to present one or two very specific questions to the group when you show it.
--  Reminder:  Our May meeting will be on the 23rd at 3pm in Philomath, for a presentation by Babette Gruenwald.  After that meeting, we'll return to our third Friday schedule.

We welcome any SAQA members, and guests interested in learning more about SAQA.  Questions?  gfrench@rosenet.net

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